OCH 2.0 moving status

4 April 2010: 

  • OK, that was waaaaaay too much rain today.
  • More stuff keeps appearing out of dark corners. So despite another vanload going out there’s still only about 3/4 of boxes and furniture moved from 2020 so far. We did get one of the glass cases and one of the large rolling carts moved, but there are still several book cases in the basement, the monster back counter, and one more glass case, not to mention books and furniture in the attic and basement.
  • Shelves are getting bolted to the wall at the new store. New arrivals are on display, and we were open for a couple of browsers this afternoon.
  • We will definitely need help with the remaining loads during the week.
  • Our kittens Sam and Trouble are both disturbed and fascinated by the constant change in their playspace. Just wait until they’re actually moved to the new space.

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