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Clare Bell

2pm, Sunday, Dec 28th, 2008:

Clare Bell read and signed the fifth novel of the Named, Ratha’s Challenge (in trade paperback from Beagle Bay). Armed with electronics, she sent out the first live tweet from an OCH reading!

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Nisi Shawl

3pm, Saturday, Dec 27th, 2008:

Nisi Shawl read and signed her collection, Filter House (trade paperback from Aqueduct Press). The reading was recorded, but they never sent us a copy or link.  🙁

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She would later write on her blog:

“On December 27, I read at The Other Change of Hobbit.  An audience of 8, plus 3 store staff were in attendance.  Only one white person sitting there.  I thought ‘This must be the most black people this store has ever seen.'”

Rather presumptious. She don’t know the Berkeley demographic very well, do she?

Jeff Carlson

1pm, Saturday, Oct 20th, 2007:

Jeff Carlson read and signed his first novel, Plague Year (paperback from Ace Books) and his award-winning story, “The Frozen Sky”, in Writers of the Future XXIII (in paperback from Galaxy Press).

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