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OCH 2.0 last day

16 April 2010: 

11:58am Last shot of OCH 2.0 storefront, after 24 hours of frantically moving out the remaining boxes of inventory and stuff
11:58am Last shot of OCH 2.0 storefront, after 24 hours of frantically moving out the remaining boxes of inventory and stuff
  • After a 24-hour marathon, the last boxes moved from 2020 Shattuck to 3264 Adeline!
  • Many thanks to the army of volunteers [list tk] who helped make this move possible.
  • The sales floor, which looked almost store-like on Wednesday, is now filled with stacks of boxes. Next step: to find homes for either their contents or the boxes themselves.
  • Over the next week, our sales hours will be:

Saturday and Sunday: noon – 6pm
Monday through Friday: 5pm – 7pm

  • During the rest of the day, we will be here unpacking, sorting, reshelving, clearing the floor, and generally trying to restore some kind of order to the sales floor. If you’d like to stop by during off hours, give us a call first to make sure there’s someone here.

OCH 2.0 moving status

4 April 2010: 

  • OK, that was waaaaaay too much rain today.
  • More stuff keeps appearing out of dark corners. So despite another vanload going out there’s still only about 3/4 of boxes and furniture moved from 2020 so far. We did get one of the glass cases and one of the large rolling carts moved, but there are still several book cases in the basement, the monster back counter, and one more glass case, not to mention books and furniture in the attic and basement.
  • Shelves are getting bolted to the wall at the new store. New arrivals are on display, and we were open for a couple of browsers this afternoon.
  • We will definitely need help with the remaining loads during the week.
  • Our kittens Sam and Trouble are both disturbed and fascinated by the constant change in their playspace. Just wait until they’re actually moved to the new space.

OCH 2.0 moving status

2 April 2010: 

  • About 3/4s of boxes and furniture moved.
  • Still need more hands this coming weekend for the what we hope will be the final loads.
  • We might be open at the new location on Sunday with the week’s new releases.
  • New location required a new phone number, as we’re no longer in the same Central Office’s range. The original 848-0413 will become a virtual number, kicking over to the new one. We’ve had that one since opening in 1977, so it’d be kind of silly to let it go. The new number is the very silly but memorable 510-OKHOBBIT.

Vandals hit OCH 2.0 front window

Feb 24, 2003:

We arrived to find that some kind local vandal kicked in one of our front windows. Fortunately nothing was taken and, more importantly, Shagrat stayed in the store.

vandalism on Shattuck Ave
vandalism on Shattuck Ave

Marginal small businesses cannot afford this kind of extraordinary expense. We did find an outfit which was able to replace the large plate glass sheet within a day, but it wrecked our cash flow.